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Wicell Network Vietnam is committed to fully implementing the product warranty policy for customers. Each product will have a different warranty period and regulations. Please refer to the information below to ensure your legitimate interests later.


All products officially distributed at Wicell Network Vietnam will be warranted for 12 months from the date of handover.


    • We accept warranties for all product lines provided by WICELL NETWORK VIETNAM within the warranty period.

    • The product is warranted when the components that make up the product are damaged by themselves or due to the fault of the manufacturer.

    • Warranty measures include: software upgrade, repair, replacement of components or other necessary measures as prescribed by Wicell Network Vietnam. In order for the warranty to be handled in the fastest time, Wicell Network Vietnam reserves the right to use any form of free repair without prior notice to the customer. If customers have other requirements, please notify immediately when sending products to TTBH for warranty.

    • The warranty does not include hardware technical support (connection, installation, …), software manuals, data recovery, applications, software or support for removing and deleting passwords. export on the product.

    • In case of warranty need to replace components, we have the right to use any type of components in accordance with the standards of Wicell Network Vietnam for replacement.


Wicell Network Vietnam carries out a warranty for products that fully meet the following conditions:

    • Products distributed by Wicell Network Vietnam.

    • The product has a warranty stamp and warranty period (up to the time Wicell Network Vietnam received it). In case the warranty stamp is no longer available, we will calculate the warranty period according to the delivery note or apply the warranty period from the manufacturer according to the serial number or MAC of the product.

    • The product is in its original condition, in accordance with the specifications, not subject to physical impact, the manufacturer’s labels are full and intact, the serial number on the stamp is clear, not erased or repaired.

    • The product is damaged due to component quality or manufacturing process error.

    • The product is not subject to a disclaimer of warranty.


Products in one of the following cases will be voided warranty:

    • The product is not distributed by Wicell Network Vietnam.

    • The product does not have a warranty stamp or the stamp is torn or modified.

    • Stamp or serial number/MAC on the product has expired warranty.

    • The product does not have the manufacturer’s label, the label is blurred, torn, erased, making the serial number unclear.

    • The product is damaged due to natural disasters, fires, floods, lightning strikes, rust, signs of strange liquid or water entering, smashing or using the wrong power source, etc.

    • The product is damaged due to installation, maintenance, and use that do not comply with the accompanying technical manual.

    • Damage caused by the fault of the power supplier, television service, the Internet, or applications.

    • The product has no warranty data on Wicell Network Vietnam’s data system or no warranty card; There is a warranty card but it is not valid (For example, the information on the form is not filled in completely, erased or corrected).

    • The product is subject to physical impact, leading to deformation, scratches, breakage, etc.

    • The product is changed or repaired by a technician who is not part of Wicell Network Vietnam or a technician who is not authorized by Wicell Network Vietnam.


    • For all equipment with new stock or replacement parts available: warranty processing time 2-5 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

    • If the goods are under warranty, if they cannot be repaired or replacement boards are not available, customers are entitled to borrow another equivalent product for free with the customer’s system (in the condition that the replacement stock is not available). available from Wicell Network Vietnam) for use while waiting for the warranty to be sent from the carrier, the customer must commit to a full refund of the borrowed goods as soon as they receive the notification that the warranty goods are available.

If the customer does not fully refund within 1 month from the notification of warranty completion from the company, we have the right to refuse to return the goods under warranty from the company.

If the customer wants to borrow a product that is more advanced than the warranty product, he must deposit 100% of the product value and pay 100% of the cost of buying a new one if the borrowed product has errors, deformations, scratches.


    • Before bringing the product to the Service Center, you must be sure to remove all components, accessories, and add-ons that are not provided or warranted by the product. We will not be responsible for their damage or loss (if any) during the repair.

    • For products with memory or storage devices, please back up and delete all software, applications, data, images or any other content stored in the product first. when sending the product for inspection or repair. You must understand and accept that all contents stored in the product may be damaged, lost or reformatted during inspection or repair. We will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to you by damage, loss or reformatting of the firmware.

    • When sending to TTBH, please send the full set of products including equipment, power supply with equipment and data cable if any.


    • 100% free warranty cost for equipment within the warranty period and meet warranty conditions.


    • For customers in Ho Chi Minh City: You are responsible for shipping costs to the warranty center. When returning the warranty, we will pay the shipping fee

    • For customers in other provinces: Wicell Network Vietnam supports 2-way transportation costs to the bus station (receiving and returning goods at the bus station). Customers pay the freight from the garage.

    • In addition, if the product is out of warranty, if you want to send it for inspection, you must pay all shipping costs and inspection fees.

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