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Every day, Wicell Networks professionals are held to an exemplary ethical standard set by our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. These guiding principles reflect our core values and provide a framework for the behavior expected from our employees and third party representatives.

While the rules and procedures outlined in the code are based on many applicable international laws, regulations and standards, they also reflect a higher principle: doing the right thing.

Ethical Rules

To view our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, please visit the following link

Transparent, honest business

Wicell Networks is committed to the highest standards of honest, transparent business — no matter where it is located.

Wicell Networks is serious about complying with both our internal standards for integrity and external legal requirements in the host country.

Report Concerns

As part of our overall compliance program, Wicell Networks encourages all of our stakeholders to ask questions or report concerns. We enforce a strict policy that prohibits retaliation for reporting a concern or suspicion of misconduct in good faith.

To report your concern, please choose one of the following options:

  • Contact your supervisor or manager.
  • Send an email directly to the legal and internal control department  info@wicellnetwork.com

We value our reputation for integrity and each individual accepts personal responsibility to uphold it.


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