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No device configuration required. You only need to supply power to the AP device, then the intelligent central management system automatically selects the optimal parameters according to the operating environment.

Wicell Network is the first company to apply AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) to optimize the best parameters for the AP during operation based on the analysis of parameters in the real environment.


  • Usually wifi devices need experts to configure device parameters to work. High-tech wifi has a lot of configuration parameters related to telecommunications and computer network parameters to configure to optimize the ability to outperform wifi devices.

  • The reality in installation projects is that NOT many IT technicians understand and configure standard equipment, so devices often operate only at a basic level and do not fully exploit the capabilities of technology.

  • For projects deployed in remote areas, the on-site IT capacity is limited, and sending experts to it will be very expensive.

  • For large projects with a large number of wifi installations or having to install wifi technology, the configuration problem must not only have telecommunications and computer network knowledge but also have to have experience in doing many new projects. can be properly and properly configured.

  • According to the general trend of technology, Owners and individuals both want simple installation and optimal automatic parameters to be able to install by themselves or with any IT specialist or electrician.

Technology Solutions

  • Wicell Network is the first company to apply AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) to optimize the best parameters for APs during operation.

  • As soon as starting up and connecting to the internet, the APs will connect to the central system (AI cloud-managed controller) to send parameters about the surrounding wifi environment and the AP’s network parameters to the center. The AI algorithm (artificial intelligence) after analyzing the parameters will send the optimal settings to the AP.

  • This process will be repeated regularly cyclically throughout the life of the AP


With the ZERO CONFIG (PLUG-AND-PLAY) function, you are assured that Wicell Wi-Fi devices are always operating within their best specifications.

Only an IT specialist with basic network knowledge or an area maintenance specialist can install and operate it

This Plug and play function also supports non-IT professionals very easy to install and use.

Scope of application: any project size and geography

Things to note: this function works automatically and is controlled by AI, so there is no need to do anything on the control software

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