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Monitoring and statistics of Wi-Fi operation status on Window/Android/iOS

Display operating status message Hardware parameters, device continuous operation time, Status that AP is working or not working. Number of visitors per SSID, total number of visitors per Access Point, total number of users connecting to the entire wifi system, detailed information about clients connecting to the Access Point

  • Allows to select the Access Point to monitor in the list
  • Quick search function for Access Points to be monitored in the list
  • Statistics on each Access Point:
    • Highest number of visitors in the selected time period
    • Lowest number of visitors in the selected time period
    • Average number of visitors for the selected time period
    • Number of Down / Up in the selected time period
  • Print: allows to export the report by date to a PDF file to make a report file for the leader
  • Maps: allows to build a marker map showing the location of the device on the map. Help administrators can monitor and manage device operation status intuitively and easily.
    • The system allows the use of maps that are available drawings, images or directly capture maps from satellite maps. (Not built yet)
  • Displays a message about the current operating status of the Access Point
    • Hardware parameters of the device: Model, serial number, MAC Address, Cpu, RAM, …
    • Continuous operation time of wifi device (uptime)
    • Status of that AP is working or not working
    • Wireless setting parameters: SSID, Channel, Broadcast power, etc.
    • Visitors per SSID
    • Total number of visitors per Access Point
    • Total number of users connected to the entire wifi system
    • Detailed information about the client connecting to the Access Point: SSID is connecting, Client’s IP Address, Client’s MAC Address, uptime, signal, TX rate, RX rate.
    • Monitor Access Point’s download/upload bandwidth for 24h
    • Monitor Access Point’s CPU and RAM usage for 24 hours
    • Statistics on the number of visitors on each SSID during 24 hours
    • Allow to restart WiFi device remotely
    • Factory Reset: restore factory default configuration.


The monitoring system is intuitively designed and reports detailed operational status. Administrators have very effective support tools in system administration.

Not only the IT specialist but also the responsible personnel involved can easily monitor together to improve the service and risk analysis as much as possible.

The system also supports monitoring of customer service or monitoring of connections from access devices/sensors to wifi networks.

Scope of application: IT administrators, relevant departments, customers, just need to connect to the Internet to be able to monitor all wifi activities via Laptop/smartphone/tablet

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