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(highly available architecture)

Under normal circumstances, Wicell APs regularly connect to the central cloud management system (AI Cloud-managed Controller) to receive control commands. However, in the event that the connection is interrupted or lost in cases such as server failure, network attack, blocking due to internal firewall, only internal broadcast without internet connection, etc., the Wicell APs will switch immediately via AP lead mode

Controllerless technology 

It is a built-in-architecture model that ensures availability to minimize the risk of access point disruption.

All APs that lose connection with the AI cloud-managed controller will automatically switch to AP lead mode. AP leads operate independently and keep the previous cloud active configuration to ensure continuity for users. When the AI cloud-managed Controller works again, the Access Points will automatically reconnect and receive control commands from the AI cloud-managed controller.

This advanced technology offers the following conveniences and benefits:

Do not interrupt the operation of wifi devices when unable to connect to the central cloud management system (AI Cloud-managed Controller), so the system always remains stable during operation.

No need for any internal controller or manually configuring any AP as a replacement controller.

The conversion of AP to AP lead and vice versa is done automatically without the need for IT specialists to intervene in system configuration and without interrupting internet data transmission.

For internal and secure transmissions that are not connected to the Internet such as cameras, sensors, internal software, data transmission, control signals, Wicell Network’s Controllerless technology is the perfect solution.

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