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Bit Torrent and IDM Restriction Technology

The very important feature that the wicell system provides is effective resistance to Bit torrent and IDM

Some people use very heavy data download tools/software using programs like Bit Torrent or Internet Download Manager (IDM). In a wifi network system, just 2-3 users using as above, the wifi network system will be congested or paralyzed.

With the new technologies of the wifi CPU central processor, the possibility of congestion because of the number of accesses on 1 AP is very unlikely in normal conditions. Among the causes of wifi flickering as listed before such as interference, network speed is only  100 Mbps, DHCP-level router is too bad, the possibility of Internet congestion is an important cause. Internet congestion also has many causes due to insufficient Internet bandwidth for the number of users and visitors using programs such as Bit Torrent or Internet Download Manager (IDM).

Technology Solutions

We develop our own algorithms that can very effectively impose restrictions on users’ download accelerators (Bit torrent/download Manager) to avoid bandwidth bottlenecks.

This technology needs to be combined with dedicated routers of Wicell Network

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