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Basic functions

With central cloud management technology, you can now set up wifi parameters very easily from any location with internet without having to go to the installation site right away. The difference is that the artificial intelligence algorithm from the cloud-managed controller will help you automatically adjust the parameters beyond the basic parameters to help the AP operate well during operation.

  • Allow to adjust Wifi parameters
    • Add / Remove / Edit SSID (Wifi name)
    • Select channel and broadcast frequency
    • Change broadcast power
    • Change wifi password
    • Create unlimited Virtual SSID (virtual wave generation)
    • Create Guest wave through Tag VLAN ID
    • Allow Enable/Disable wifi signal
    • Tag VLAN ID
  • Management of Access Points in the form of trees: Makes it easy to manage and monitor by location or installation area.
  • SSID and SSID group: Set up a single SSID for the whole system or divide the devices in the system into many groups, each group is 1 SSID
  • Limit Max Station: Limit the maximum number of simultaneous connections per wave (SSID)

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