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AI Cloud-managed Controller

Centrally manage Wicell APs over the internet with cloud computing technology. Only need internet, users can monitor and control wifi system remotely.


Currently, the centralized management of wifi devices by cloud computing technology is used by all wifi manufacturers. However, the above management is only in the management of existing functions on the control software performed by the administrator

The problem is that during operation, wifi devices are affected by other wifi around such as wave conflicts causing connection flicker, …. or if there is a problem with the internet and the wifi cannot connect to the central administration system, the wifi will stop working or return to default as unconfigured.

In addition, the development of additional parameters or functions according to project requirements during operation requires additional updates, especially in smart City projects.

Technology Solutions

Wicell Network pioneers the application of centralized management of cloud computing and uses artificial intelligence to optimize and adjust parameters during operation, so that wifi and the system always operate stably.

The Wicell APs will connect to the central system (AI cloud-managed controller) to send parameters about the surrounding wifi environment and the AP’s network parameters to the center. The AI algorithm (artificial intelligence) after analyzing the parameters will send the optimal settings to the AP.

From the central management system (AI cloud-managed controller) will send 2 data streams to Wicell AP

1. AP control commands performed by the control system administrator

2. commands to optimize operation parameters or add functions set by AI algorithm

This process will be repeated regularly cyclically throughout the life of the AP


Wicell AP devices and Wifi systems always operate stably compared to other technologies

Flexibility in increasing and decreasing functions to meet projects with high requirements for separate functions. This is a huge difference in today’s technology

Scope of application: all project sizes, especially projects that need to develop more specific functions.

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