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1) (Hybrid wifi mesh) The basic steps to configuring transmitters hybrid mesh wifi MAP-600A for beginners:


Step 1: Connect your device with computer

If using POE: Port LAN (Data in) connect with your computer. Port POE (Data out) Connect with MAP-600A equipment.

Step 2: Set up TCP / IP on the computer used to configure

Go to Control Panel ---> Network and Sharing Center ---> Select the network card used to connect to MAP-600A ---> Properties ---> Internet Protocal Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) ---> Properties ---> Select the "Use the drop down address" IP set 192.168.88.X; Subnet Mask: (The X is arbitrary number from 2-254) ---> OK

Step 3: Setup Software Configure Wicell

Setup files are attached to each CD when buying equipment or you can go to the following link to download

Step 4: Update license

Configure software startup Wicell ---> About Wicell ---> Browse to the folder containing the license file to select License file ---> Update

or you can go to the following link to download the latest license file:

Step 5: Creating a Bridge (Bridge Mode tab)

Default device has been created Bridge. If not I do the following:

Name: Name the Bridge (Optional)

Protocol Mode: Select the protocol against the loop if necessary.

Interfaces: Add all the necessary interfaces to create a bridge from this interface to another interface. Here we add 2 interface and wlan1 ether1 ---> Create.

Step 6: Configuring Wireless (Wireless setting):

Interface = wlan1; Mode = ap-bridge; Band = 802.11 - 2GHz - b / g / n; Channel width = 20 mhz; Channel = auto if you are not clear about it.

SSID = name displayed wifi; Security Profile = contains configuration information in the Security Profiles password created.

Finally, click the Set to complete the setup process



2) (Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh) How to connect the two devices wave Hybrid Mesh Wi-Fi together?

The first device selected in the Mesh Mode ---> Name the Mesh Name (eg ABC) ---> Select interface for Mesh ---> Create.
Do the same for the 2nd device.

Note that to be together, Mesh 2 Mesh devices have the same name and the same interface used for the mesh to the Channel.

3) (Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh) What is the Bridge Mode and Router Mode ?


  • Bridge Mode allows setup mode data stream can move the exchange between ports located in the Bridge for free without having to do the routing.
  • Router Mode operation similar to Gateway Mode. Here you can set the IP for the port, construction and DHCP routing table.


4) (Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh) How to create a device 3 SSID Wi-Fi Mesh Hybrid has a 2.4 GHz frequency band?


Wireless Setting ---> Select interface wlan1 ---> Name SSID to create ---> Add

At this point the system will generate an additional corresponding interface SSID wlan2 just created.

To create a new SSID again. I chose wlan1 interface ---> Name SSID should create ---> Add.

Check items appear 3 interface interface wlan1, wlan2, corresponding to 3 SSID wlan3 just created.

Note: To select a new interface and create original wlan1 SSID.



5) (Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh) I can not login to the device using the default IP address despite the hard reset and successful ping?

Đối với trường hợp này rất có thể là do trong hệ thống mạng của bạn có nhiều hơn một thiết bị có cùng địa chỉ (Thiết bị wifi khác, Controller, Máy tính điều khiển…).
Bạn cần tách biệt thiết bị đó ra khỏi hệ thống mạng và chỉ cắm trực tiếp vào máy tính điều khiển.

6) (Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh) How to put your device Wi-Fi Mesh Hybrid participate centralized management via the Controller?


In Wicell Mode ---> Check the interface wants to join centralized management ---> Select Interface Controller detection (Usually ether1) ---> Active Mode is the operating mode (Mode or Router Mode Bride) ---> Enable select Yes ---> Set

Wicell Controller IP Address: is the IP address of the controller. This address if a network share with Acces Point may not need to fill.



7) (Hybrid Controller) How to configure PPPoE - Client?


Step 1: Management ---> Settings ---> Network ---> in the WAN (PPPoE client), select the interface connected to the service provider ---> Name the PPPoE Client ---> Import User , Password (Account from the service provider level) ---> Set

Step 2: NAT Port. In the NAT Port selected Internet interface called PPPoE Client name just set in step on ---> Add.



8) What is IP, the default username and password of the device Wicell ?

1) Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh (MAP-600A, MAP-700, MAP-800,...)

 IP: (Ether1)

Username: admin

Password: no pass

2)Hybrid Controller (DS-600, RS-1800, RS-3000, RS-4000, ...:

IP: / 24 (Ether1) và / 16 (Ether2)

Username: admin

Password: no pass

3) AP Max (WAP-40; WAP-60; WAP-80; WDR-80; ...:

IP: / 24

Username: admin

Password: admin

4) Controller AP Max (RS-80):

IP: / 24

Username: admin

Password: admin

9) (Hybrid Mesh Wi-Fi) How to grant a new IP ranges for the device when connected to wifi?

To grant a new IP ranges for the device when connected to WiFi you need to Desible waves Bridge mode by clearing all the Bridge Name, Port Bridge in Bridge Mode.
Then you do the following:
Select the interface connected to the intranet. Here we select the interface ether1 ---> Dynamic (to get the IP address from the intranet) ---> Add.

Select the wireless interface (Here we select interface wlan1) ---> Static ---> Set IP Address ---> Add (IP must be set according to Prefix lengh format. For example:; 172.32. 1.1 / 24)

DHCP: select interface wlan1 ---> Name the DHCP server --->Limit IP ranges required in section From - To. --->Enter the DNS server if there is (up to Google DNS, ---> Create
Select the method of NAT or Route to the internet. Here I select NAT. Select interface NAT is ether1.
Now that you have successfully configured granted a new IP ranges for the device when connected to WiFi waves.
Good luck!

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