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Wicell Network, a leading provider of Backhaul and Broadband Wireless Solutions, concentrating herself on embedded hardware and firmware design & development for wireless communication networking solution. Wicell AP series are enterprise and carrier-grade 802.11 ac/b/g/n outdoor /indoor wireless radios, which offers customers an outstanding MIMO-OFDM-TDMA solution with robust and high performance design in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz proprietary bands.
Hybrid Wicell Mesh series supports complete wireless mesh networks with self-healing & self-forming features. Furthermore, the proprietary seamless ultra-fast roaming and Multi-hops repeater technology from Wicell Network optimize the overall performance and usability of the whole mesh network.


Based on self-innovative R&D team, Wicell Network set up 1 R&D center in Canada and the other one in Singapore. Every year, 15% of sales income is invested in R&D, and 30% of R&D funds in high-tech pre-research as well as apply the world A-class Process and testing equipment to ensure the product quality. Wicell Network and its team commit themselves of providing innovative and reliable products to meet customers’ needs







Clients Come First

WICELL strives to ensure that we function in a way that makes our customers lives easier to ensure long and mutually prosperous partnerships.


Our Foundation is Quality

WICELL is built on quality both in product and especially in service. We aim to provide the best products that we possibly can and support those products with a service that reciprocates that same amount of quality that we strive to provide our customers.


Honest Enterprise

WICELL tries to be as transparent, honest, and trustworthy as possible both within the company between employees and with our clients and partners to maintain strong growth built on these solid principles.


Maintain Focus

WICELL is committed to growing within the networking and communications industry by constantly improving without deviating from our primary goals and product segments. In doing so we hope that, we can achieve excellence within our industry and lead accordingly.





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