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Guarantee Policy


Wicell Network always put customer first following with the guarantee service including maintenance and customer support after Sale. With technical expert’s team, Wilcell Network will always delivery the professional service in the shortest time.


A. Standard Warranty Period of The Product


Depend on the various product categories, we will have different warranty period according to the following table:

List of the product

Warranty Period

WiFi Device

12 months

Power Supply (PoE/Adapter)

6 months


3 months


24 months


Apart from the standard warranty policy, Wicell also offer another extended warranty bundle into 2 to 3 years or service that delivers replacement equipment to ensure operating system 24/24. Please contact us for more details.


B. Repairing Time and Return Time


Within 7 working days, if there are available components in the repository. In contrast, if replacement parts are not available, the warranty department will notify as soon as possible the return time and simultaneously give customer the equivalent equipment for temporary use.


C. Warranty Conditions


Products must be in warranty period, this time limit is indicated on the warranty stamps or serial number or the warranty paper of the product. We only guarantee the failure of equipment including issues related to the fault of components or manipulated by the manufacturer.

The warranty conditions only apply to those products which are distributed from the Dealer or official Wicell’store.

Ensure the product must have warranty stamp or warranty paper of that product when bringing it to warranty department.


D. Cases with no warranty covered


Product warranty has expired.

Products that are not distributed by the official Wicell’store.

The product has been manipulated, intervention or change by third party/ individual which is not authorized by Wicell.

Sticker, serial number or warranty paper has been interfered, tearing, blurred, erased or removed from the product.

Product failure due to natural disaster, accident or not following the installation process instruction of manufacturer.

(Ex: Traces of lightning, electrical ignition or liquid inside the product; products have lots of scars, breakage due to shipping or incorrect maintenance regulations; using the product under dirty environment, high humidity or temperature exceeds the limit allowed;…

Products damaged by insects (cockroaches; mices;..).

Products damaged due to unstable power supply or fluctuating to the limit allow ( 220V + 10V).


E. Shipping Fees in case of warranty


The fee to send the goods to the Warranty Department will be paid by customer.

The fee to send the repaired or temporary replacement goods will be paid by Warranty Department.


F. Procedure of receiving warranty

1.Customer contact the Warranty Department via email/phone/chat.

2.Fill out the information form to report status of the product ( you can collect the form in the Warranty Department) including warranty code.

3.Warranty Department process the order.


G. Encourage customers to register to get Warranty via website after purchase:


Wicell has free maintenance program take place under dedicated area according to Customer Care program annually. If customers sign up, the technical team will inspect customer’s system for free.



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