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Maintenance Policy


In order to protect as well as minimize the failure of the Wicell product and increase the profitability and productivity of our customers. Warning about problems that most likely occur in short-term so that business can make contingency plans to ensure management system operates at the peak performance. Guarantee replacement of the product when the system is down.


Wicell proposed 2 ways of the maintenance:

Regular maintenance:

The annual contract of Wicell comes along with regular maintenance which provides a full maintenance service. Wicel will send technicians monthly to inspect the system and handle the problems within the maintenance on a fixed date depending on the agreement of two parties, as follows:
Frequency of inspection: 1 time per month, Wicell will send technicians to test the system and fix the problem if occur.


Besides, when you have an issue with the system, we can also send a support team to fix within 2 hours (urban area) and from 4 to 12 hours (suburban area). During inspection, we will be ready to replace equipment in the worst scenario (problem can’t fix in time) to ensure the availability of your company.

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